The Lurry Series

New Book - New Series

And, it's headed to edit. The first book in the new Lurry Series has been handed off. I expect four months will be sufficient before I will be able to offer the first book for sale. I'll keep you notified. In the meantime, check out The Forrest Series. The direct links are provided.

Time for No One - Book 1

The first book in this new series follows Briley Anderson, a young CPA who works for one client, a law firm, in beautiful San Francisco. Her life is full, her hopes for a future with her fiancé, Jason, seems within reach. However, Briley struggles daily with her mother's advancing Alzheimer's Disease, and the declining income from the family Christmas tree farm in Lurry, Oregon. When Ryker Davis makes overtures to buy her family legacy, Briley informs the rancher she has no intentions of selling to him or anyone else.

Release Date?

My Beta readers have it in their hands. With final thoughts and after changes are made, I will forward to my editor for her input. Look for this book in January,

The Result of Time - Book 2

Briley and Ryker have fallen in love. Ryker no longer wishes to completely destroy her tree farm, and has devised an alternative plan to pay off her father's Promissory Note to the Davis family.

However, Jason, still disturbed Briley has broken off their engagement, wheedles his way back into her life. 

Ryker follows Briley to San Francisco in an effort to thwart Jason and his repeated advances and attempts to win back the woman he has loved for years. 

Find out who wins the heart of Briley Anderson and discover the ultimate plan Ryker presents to save, not only his dude ranch, but Briley's family Christmas tree farm as well.

Status of the Lurry Series

With the first book in edit, I'm hopeful it will be available in January 2019. The second, a few months after.

And there will be a third.  

Thanks for reading!