Time for No One - The Lurry Series Book 1

The first book in this new series follows Briley Anderson, a young CPA who works for one client, a law firm, in beautiful San Francisco. Her life is full, her hopes for a future with her fiancé, Jason, seems within reach. However, Briley struggles daily with her mother's advancing Alzheimer's Disease, and the declining income from the family Christmas tree farm in Lurry, Oregon. When Ryker Davis makes overtures to buy her family legacy, Briley informs the rancher she has no intentions of selling to him or anyone else.

It's Live!

The first book in the Lurry Series is now live on Amazon, in both paperback and Kindle. You can purchase it by clicking on the button below. I hope you enjoy this journey.


Time for No One is a romance fiction that is complicated. Author Lynne Anders sets her story worlds apart: a condo on Nob Hill in San Francisco and a Christmas tree farm in rural Oregon, where she develops her characters as imperfect, but relatable, heroes and heroines. An outrageous proposition by a mysterious suitor and a fiancé with equally mysterious motives, with secrets of his own, plague and seduce Anders' main character in a mesmerizing tale. These intriguing characters need another book.


The Result of Time - The Lurry Series Book 2

Briley and Ryker have fallen in love. Ryker no longer wishes to completely destroy her tree farm, and has devised an alternative plan to pay off her father's Promissory Note to the Davis family. 

     Briley suffers a traumatic attack, and seeks counsel to quell her anxiety and fear. Ryker, constantly by her side, offers comfort and love. Although if appears helpful, he suffers himself and takes the blame for not getting to her in time. 

     Then, there's Jason. Still disturbed Briley has broken off their engagement, he attempts to wheedle his way back into her life, one way or the other.

     Ryker follows Briley to San Francisco, where she's working again, in an effort to thwart Jason and his repeated advances, and attempts to win back the woman he's loved for years. 

     Find out who wins the heart of Briley Anderson and discover the ultimate plan Ryker presents to save, not only his dude ranch, but Briley's family Christmas tree farm as well.

It's Live!

The second book in the Lurry Series is now live on Amazon, in both paperback and Kindle. You can purchase it by clicking on the button below. I hope you enjoy this journey.


The Result of Time" is Lynne Anders' deeper dive into the motivations of lovers with competing dreams for the same idyllic northwest property. Just as a compromise seems promising, the budding romance between Briley and Ryker must survive a brutal physical assault that tears at Briley's emotions and judgement as she tries to hold onto her farm, her dreams and her man.  "The Result of Time" is another challenging and satisfying read from an author who is getting better with every book.


Will Time Change Anything? - The Lurry Series Book 3

The third book opens a few months after the end of the second with Briley in Portland working for a CPA firm. She and Ryker are still engaged, but have no current plans for a wedding.  With her attacker behind bars, the possibility of a trial has vanished... for now.

Follow along as Briley and Ryker, once again, deal with unimaginable issues and forge their way toward their happily ever after.

It's Live!

The third book in the Lurry Series is now available in paperback, with the eBook edition soon next week. If you wish to purchase the paperback today, click on the Buy Now link and you will be taken directly to this book on Amazon. Thank you for reading! 


“Will Time Change Anything” is as captivating as the previous two books in this series and caught me off guard with a clever twist at the very beginning of the book that made me chuckle for having let author Lynne Anders string me along. Although it lives solidly in the Romance genre, this book has an intriguing mystery that challenges Briley Anderson’s understanding of who she is and puts her blossoming relationship with Ryker Davis, as well as her very life, at risk.