Samantha's Hope


Samantha's Hope, Book 1 of the Forrest Series Available on Amazon

Forrest, Indiana is a charming small town. Hoping for a new beginning, Samantha Williams is drawn in by the beauty of the seasonal changes. A new home and new friends are what she needs to feel the calm of contentment again. 

Until she encounters the local restauranteur, Steven Collins. Their encounter at the Homecoming Dance kindles a fire in both of them. But Samantha is warned off. Don’t get involved with Steven. He’ll hurt you. Not wishing further heartache, Samantha busies herself with her new job and settling into town denying her growing desire. 

Steven attempts, on several occasions, to win her affections. But Samantha isn’t easily deceived and continues to distance herself from him until that fateful snow day. However, when Samantha discovers he’s been less than truthful with her, she backs away once again.

Will the golf pro from the Country Club be the encouragement she needs to forget Mr. Collins? Or will Steven change his tactics to win the one woman who dares to say no?

The Forrest Series follows Samantha Williams through her life and loves. 

Testimonials from Readers


“Samantha’s Hope sizzles with romance, a compelling read, page turner, couldn’t lay it down. Anders pays meticulous attention to her characters. So excited for her next book in the series.”                                               -Marsha Jones

“I hadn’t planned on reading this book in one sitting, but it was so compelling, I couldn’t stop. I look forward to the next book in the series. If you are looking for a good read on a winter or rainy day, cuddle up with this book.”                                 

                                                                              - Pam Williams

“The first thing I liked about this book is the Title. Hope is key in our lives. Samantha and Steven hang on to hope throughout. There is sadness and despair, but also hope and joy, intrigue, romance, and steamy goings on!  A very descriptive writer.  A good read.”                                                                   -Kay Klatt

“Samantha’s Hope is the first in the series by a wonderful new author, Lynne Anders. It’s a delightful book about a young widow who is trying to start a new life in a new town. I quickly connected to the characters. Many twists and turns kept me wanting to read more. I highly recommend this book for you and a great gift idea for friends.”

                                                                             -Barb Lunsford

“The characters were easy to relate to.  I cried when her heart was broken, I laughed and was overjoyed when there were happy times. I would get angry at her and some of the situations, and oh, la, la my body tingled at the intimate parts.”

                                                                            -Mary Christensen

“Samantha's Hope is a fresh new look at romance in today's complicated world. It takes one through the excitement of starting life afresh in a new location, meeting and falling in love with that one special individual, and working out the inevitable adjustments to misunderstandings and problems arising from his family and former relationships.”                                                   -Joann O’Connor

Samantha's Love


Samantha's Love, Book 2 of the Forrest Series Now Available on Amazon

Writer Samantha Williams on-again/off-again relationship with restauranteur Steven Collins heads for greener pastures when he asks her to marry him, and they prepare for an idyllic small-town life together in Forrest, Indiana. But, when his ex-girlfriend Jackie Anthony tries to wheedle her way back into his arms—using his teenage daughter, Rebecca, as leverage—Samantha panics and must leave to clear her head. She’s shocked when her fiancé then pushes her away. 

While living apart from him in her refuge, the Devonshire house, Samantha must somehow find a way to make their relationship work, especially for their unborn child.

Though Jackie refuses to observe the restraining order against her, Steven and Samantha reconcile, marry, and embark on a happy life with their new son. Things become dicey again when the son of Jackie’s close friends begins stalking Rebecca at college. Samantha and Steven take steps to protect Rebecca and to move forward with their lives, even under his ex’s long-reaching shadow. 

One winter morning, just after Samantha breaks the happy news of another child on the way, a phone call from a good friend shatters their world. Can she ever find happiness again, when her husband no longer remembers her or their son?

Testimonials from Readers

“Couldn’t wait to read Samantha’s Love. It is every bit as good as Samantha’s Hope. The characters are genuine, and the plot is gripping and emotionally charged. So excited for her next book in the series.”                          -Marsha Jones

“Samantha’s Love is definitely about love. Steamy love, deep love, lost love, rekindled love, family love, and love of friends. But, this Author throws in twists and curves you never expect. You will thoroughly enjoy this read.”      -Kay Klatt

“The romance, mystery, and friendships continue in Samantha’s Love. In this very modern day love story, it is easy to identify with the characters. Even though misunderstandings continue, there is a light that radiates in each phase of this love story. Readers will be thrilled with the new adventures in Samantha’s Love.”

                                                                                             -Barb Lunsford

“Author Anders doesn’t disappoint with Samantha’s Love. The love story between Samantha and Steven continues through their first turbulent year. Is their love strong enough to weather the trials placed before them? Read the second book in the Forrest Series and find out all the answers.                -Pam Williams

“Samantha’s Love picks up where Samantha’s Hope ended. It’s a gripping tale of young love. Like most couples, these two have their ups and downs. And, by the end of most days, the ups far outweigh the downs. But, toss in that ex-girlfriend, and all bets are off. I couldn’t put it down. I had to know. Read Samantha’s Love.”

                                                                                             -Jamie Tackett

Samantha's Heart


Samantha's Heart, Book 3 of the Forrest Series Now Available on Amazon

When her husband Steven’s memory partially returns after an unknown assailant shot and nearly killed him, Samantha Williams Collins expects their lives to pick up where they left off. However, Steven admits he’s a changed man and no longer possesses the intimate connection they once shared. Samantha struggles to find a new normal with him, drawing on hope from their unborn child, and relying on support from her college-age step-daughter Rebecca and the light in her life—her precious baby son, Christopher. 

But, how can she find peace and true love again when Steven now fundamentally questions his love for her? His ex-girlfriend, Jackie Anthony, continues to harass them, and yet another traumatizing life experience tosses her to the edge of an emotional abyss.

Share in the continuation of Samantha’s life journey in this third book in the Forrest Series, where romance and intrigue weave the fabric of small-town life in Forrest, Indiana.

Testimonials from Readers

“As with the first two books in the Forrest Series, the author has continued the intrigue of Samantha and Steven. Samantha’s Hope brought them together, and in Samantha’s Love, their love was tested. Samantha’s Heart finds out if their love can endure the test of time.”                                                    -Mary Christensen

“There are so many ‘awe’ moments in Samantha’s Heart. That little boy is precious. But, is he enough to keep Samantha and Steven together when Steven finally returns to them? Samantha, ready to run away, instead, holds onto hope once again that Steven will find his way back to her.”                              -Pam Williams

“Love the series and couldn’t wait for the third installment. I couldn’t put it down once I held it in my hands. Reading the agony they both dealt with worried me. I thought, maybe, it would be the end of their romance. When Steven remembered, even I felt the change.”                                                                      -Sandra Placchi

“Wow! I couldn’t put it down. The courage Samantha possesses astounded me. When her fight for her husband nearly does her in, she is finally rewarded in the end with her happily ever after. You’ve got to read this book.”        -Jamie Tackett

“Samantha! How did you do it? I thought you would throw in the towel on more than one occasion. And, that nasty Jackie Anthony. She finally got what she deserved. Maybe now Samantha and Steven can find some peace. Love their story!”

                                                                                             -Barb Lunsford