Change Me Backt


Change Me Back

I'm finally out of my comfort zone writing this book. It involves a young mortal female who falls for an immortal. 

Emma Christensen attends her high school prom on the arm of a friend instead of the one the she desires. Zachary Matthews, one of the high school's basketball jocks, is in love with her. However, when one of his teammates requests he escort his girlfriend's girlfriend to prom, he agrees but wishes Emma was on his arm instead. Unbeknownst to Emma, Zach is immortal. He's a vampire. Even though they've shared hours together their senior year, he never developed the courage to lay himself bare to the love of his life. 

When Emma rushes out of the gym that night, tears consume her eyes. He doesn't love her. He's with that cheerleader. When Zach follows, he does the unthinkable. He changes her. 


Well, it's off to my editor. I can't believe I actually finished this book! It was a tough one for me. Now, I wait to hear from her and begin work on my next book while she does her thing. Wish me luck! 

Cover Reveal

Coming soon!


Coming soon!